Child Care Cover Letter Sample

child care cover letter

Child care jobs require high school diploma or on the job training as said by US Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Since it is an entry level positions, individuals need to compete with other applicants. Writing a cover letter is one of the requirements and it must be crafted impressively to stand out.

Tips in Writing Child Care Cover Letter

child care cover letter
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  • Education: Employers require applicants to have at least a degree or some college credits. Your education will help you in becoming a prime candidate that is why you need to write about your education.
  • Certification: If you do not write your certification if your resume, you can write it on your cover letter. A simple statement like “I have CPR certification for child care employees” is enough.
  • Experience: Telling about your experience can increase your chance to get an interview. For instance, working as a nanny for three years given me the experience I need for this position.
  • Character traits: Your personality can help you in getting the job. You can write 2 or 3 qualities you possess that will help you in providing the best possible care such as my patient nature helps me relate with children and my physical stamina helps me with active children to play with them.

Sample of Resume Cover Letter for Child Care

35 Any Road
Tel: 0207 999999 Mobile: 666 999999
Peter Son
Recruitment Manager
Never land
2 Any Street

Dear Mr. Son:

Child Care Position

I want to apply for child care position as advertised in Me Gazette and Development Personal Website.

As you can see from my enclosed resume, I have gained experience when it comes to child care profession. For three years, I have been employed by Nursery Town as nursery assistant. With my previous experience in child care assistant, it makes me a perfect candidate for the position.

I have Best National Award in Social Care and can provide positive contribution to your nursery.

I am available for interviews anytime of the day and hope to speak with you soon.

Yours sincerely,
Anna Me and signature above the name

Enclosure: Resume

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