Cover Letter for Medical Assistant Sample

cover letter for medical assistantcover letter for medical assistant sample

A cover letter for medical assistants must always accompany a resume because the first contact an applicant has with the potential employer is the cover letter. Therefore hospitality cover letter and cover letter for medical assistant must make a good first impression.

Hospitality Cover Letter Tips

cover letter for medical assistantA hospitality cover letter must convey that the applicant has sufficient knowledge of the medical or health care institution. medical assistant cover letters

hospitality cover letterThe cover letter must be personalized. It means that the applicant must write the letter to make his skills and personality conform to the requirements of the job being applied to.

cover letters sampleThe cover letter must be addressed and directed to the human resources officer or personnel. Cover letters must be short. It must summarize the important points of the application only.

cover letters samplehospitality cover letter

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Sample of Hospitality Cover Letter

Name of Applicant
Address and other contact details of Applicant
Name of Administrator
Title of Administrator
Organization of Company Name
Address of Organization/Company

Dear Name of Administrator,

I am submitting my application in response to the advertisement of a vacancy for medical assistant in your company. I have more than five (5) years of experience as a medical assistant and have the necessary knowledge and skills required for the said position.

I received my degree from Name of school where you graduated and received my Certified Nursing Assistant diploma. I was employed with Name of Institution where I was able to develop my skills and knowledge as a medical assistant.

It was a good chance for me to see your job advertisement since I need to move closer to home. I believe that being hired and employed with your company will help me widen my career horizons and hone my skills to the fullest.

Attached is my resume for other information and I hope that you will grant me the opportunity for a future interview to further discuss my application.

Thank you.
Name and Signature of Applicant

Cover letters sample is available for download and review online. The cover letters sample is a perfect guide in making a great medical assistant cover letter that makes impressions last.

cover letter for medical assistantcover letter for medical assistant

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