cover letter mistakes

Cover Letters from Hell: 5 Worst Cover Letter Mistakes According to Experts

Cover letter mistakes can ruin your application because they don’t look and read professionally and effectively. If you want to know what these mistakes are, check out the following for an idea so that you can write a professional cover letter now. Follow and check tips for writing a cover letter perfectly.
common cover letter mistakes

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5 Reasons for Cover Letter Rejection

  1. 59% typos, mistakes
  2. 50% clichés, overly casual tone
  3. 47% wrong length
  4. 40% inappropriate formatting

Cover Letter Mistakes

Telling what the employer can do for you

You should not sound like an inexperienced job hunter by avoiding this mistake. Businesses want to know what you can do for their company, ways to help them profit or solutions to their current problems and not the other way around. In your cover letter, you should tell them how you can contribute for the success of the company or how you can meet their needs. Follow and get to know all about sample cover letters here.

Writing a boring introduction

Instead of wasting space with a boring introduction, write an attention-grabbing introduction. Dive straight to your reason for writing – applying! Tell the reader what position you’re applying for and then summarizing the “whys” you fit it.

Submitting a cover letter with grammar and spelling mistakes and typos

Don’t submit it without proofreading your cover letter. Proofread your letter a couple of times and check for incorrect grammar, punctuation and spelling. Overall, see to it that your paper can reflect your ability in communicating – and that’s something you can do by submitting a polished paper.

Rehashing their resume

Don’t use precious space of your cover letter in restating what you’ve already included in your resume. Instead of rehashing your resume, you can make use of the cover letter’s space in expounding the points you have written in your resume.

Not tailoring a resume for a specific job application

Some job hunters commit this mistake in writing their cover letter. They send the same across job applications they make. You should not do it but write a cover letter for a specific job application. Research about the company – their mission, vision, goals and culture, and read and understand the job description. Write based on these things to show that you’ve researched and understood what they’re looking for.

Avoid these cover letter mistakes and do better in your application. Generally, you should tailor your cover letter for every job application, structure it well and check it for grammar and spelling mistakes as well as typos before submitting it, either in electronic or printed form.

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