Dental Assistant Cover Letter Sample

dental assistant cover letter sampledental assistant cover letter

sample of covering letterA dental assistant cover letter is an important part of an application package. Since it is a document that summarizes skills, qualifications and other significant details of the applicant, a dental assistant cover letter is an employer’s first glimpse of the applicant prior to reading his or her resume.

dental assistant cover lettersample of dental covering lettersample of covering letter

Dental Assistant Cover Letter Guidelines

  1. The cover letter must have the proper names and addresses of both the applicant and the employer
  2. The letter must be addressed and directed properly to the employer or hiring supervisor.
  3. The letter should be concise to fit in one page only. Just highlights important details skills, qualifications, and relevant experiences.
  4. Gaps in the work history section must likewise be explained briefly.
  5. There must not be any grammar or spelling error in the letter so it is best to check before sending it.
  6. The letter must be professional in manner and tone. Be friendly and polite but not overly so.

Sample of Covering Letter for Dental Assistant

One online sample of covering letter for the dental assistant is shown below.

Name of Hiring Administrator/Officer
Name and Address of the Company

Dear Name of Hiring Officer,

I would like to apply for the position of a dental assistant which I read from our local community newspaper. I have sufficient knowledge and experience as a dental assistant which can be seen in my resume that is attached to this letter.

I would like to be a part of your company due to your overwhelming reputation in the community. I would also give me the chance to improve my skills and knowledge further.

Any consideration regarding my application is very much appreciated. I am available for a personal interview anytime at your convenience. Thank you.
Name and Signature of Applicant

dental assistant cover letterThe sample of covering letter for dental assistant must not be full of fancy words and must be formatted to conform to academic writing standards. A cover letter which is full of unrelated words may confuse the reader and could lessen the chance of the applicant to be given an interview.

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