Esthetician Cover Letter Sample

esthetician cover letter

Esthetician cover letter is helpful and functional for employment seeker.

It provides important highlights and guidelines for the position you are applying for. The job of esthetician is to administer different types of waxing, facial and other services.

Esthetician Cover Letter Tips in Writing

esthetician cover letter
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A cover letter must need to reflect your capabilities and skills. It must clearly portray your knowledge about your chosen profession. With that, there are fundamental tips in writing your cover letter.

  • The cover letter must have specific addressee
  • It must provide important information about the company you are applying
  • You need to highlight your administrative techniques and special skills
  • Purpose of working
  • Tell about personal interview
  • Show active participation in handling management
  • Signature

Sample Cover Letter Resume

Elizabeth Tenneth
1111 Mayfield Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60653 Cell: 555-8787
April 2, 2015
4000 Florida Parkway
Orlando Florida

Dear Sir:

I am writing to express my interest in esthetician position that is advertised on your official website. I am happy to see the advertisements because my qualifications and background match the requirements. I have a goal to secure a position in esthetician because of the training and experience I have.

As you free from my enclosed resume, I am a professional licensed esthetician. The time I earned my certificate, I have been working in New York to gain more experience. Working in the company helped me in developing my competency as well as enhancing my knowledge. In addition to my licensure and certification, I hold a bachelor’s degree from New York College.

I am confident that my qualifications will help me in giving valuable contributions to your company. I would be happy to receive a call for personal interview at any time. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Elizabeth Tenneth


When you know how to write the cover letter, you will not struggle. You will be confident in writing it but you still need to be sure that what will you submit to the employer will increase your chance to get an interview and to become part of the company.

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