Fashion Cover Letter Sample

fashion cover letter

If you want to impress the employers in your job application, you need to know what must you should do.

It is important that you know how to write a cover letter. If you are applying for fashion job position, a cover letter is needed to create.

Tips in Writing Fashion Cover Letter

fashion cover letter
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  • Know the employer’s name and contact details: You should know the name of the employer, his position, and address. It is a tedious task but it is needed because it gives an impression that you take time in knowing the name of a person who will read the letter.
  • Professional font: Always send your letter with a professional font. You can use Times New Roman.
  • Salutation: It should be Dear Mrs./Mr./Ms followed by a colon. A comma is casual and informal and a colon is a business like.
  • Introduce the job you are seeking for: Begin with basic introduction sentence like “please consider my letter and my resume for employment as a fashion designer in your company. Do not also forget to tell who you are. Make an introduction of yourself.
  • Compliment the company: Say something about the company before you start talking about yourself.
  • Tell them why you are great: Choose your best qualities and clearly state them in the second paragraph. You should avoid buzzwords.
  • Wrap it up: Tell to the reader when you are available for interview and provide details on how they can reach you.
  • Bye: Close your cover letter with best regards as well as your name.

Fashion Cover Letter Sample

March 21, 2015
Mr. John Smith
Vice President of Best Company, Inc
6th Avenue, New York

Dear Mr. Smith

Please consider my letter and my resume for employment as a fashion designer in your company. My name is Beth Smith and has the interest working in your company. The time that I saw the advertisement on your website, it caught my attention because I think that I meet the requirements.

At State University, I am the marketing manager, president of sales club and sales associate with Clothing and Co. These positions help me to extremely enhance my skills and abilities.

I would love to speak with you soon. You can contact met at 555-8787. Thank you so much for considering my job application.

Best regards,
Beth Smith

You can also check out sample cover letter template on the web for more information but the sample above can already help you to start writing a great cover letter that you can submit to the employer.

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