Nanny Cover Letter Sample

nanny cover letter

A nanny cover letter is important to include in a resume when applying for a job. It must include a brief introduction about yourself that clients or employers must need to know about you. It must be a paragraph long and not more than one page and must need to highlight reasons why should the family hire you.

Nanny Cover Letter Tips

  • Make sure letter concise as much as possible
  • Be straight to the point
  • Do not include irrelevant information
  • Avoid including information that appear in your resume
  • Make sure to always have professional photograph of yourself

Sample CV Cover Letter

Dear Mr. Hudson,

Please accept my application for the position of nanny for your children, Taylor and Tara. The time that I saw your advertisement online, I knew that I am qualified and perfect candidate for the open position. I believe that my 6 years experience with children, knowledge of arts and tutoring background make me a fit candidate for the job.

In your advertisement, it mentioned that your children are in their second and fourth grade. I have experience working with children with all ages. I have good understanding of the interests of children as well as general abilities of them. To enhance my skills, I lead arts and crafts to children ages four to ten, therefore I know what are the best activities and games that are appropriate for children.

Finally, I have interests in arts and I love working with Taylor and Tara. My tutoring experience, my lover for arts and my experience working with children, makes me a perfect candidate. I have enclosed my resume and always have the time to have a personal interview.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Anna Thatcher
Belleview Ave,
MA, 01012
c: 421-5434

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There you have the tips and the sample that will help you in creating a great cover letter for nanny. When you do not know how to start writing, read this page and follow the format. Make sure to supply the needed information to submit a quality letter.

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