Office Manager Cover Letter Sample

office manager cover letter sampleoffice assistant cover letter

office manager cover letterThe practice of not attaching an office assistant cover letter or an office manager cover letter when applying for an office or clerical job leaves the resume bare. This is because the cover letter, which highlights the main points and the reason why the applicant sent the resume, is missing.

office assistant cover letterIf you are not familiar with cover letters, it is to your advantage to look for sample cover letters for the job you are applying to online. Below is a set of guidelines on how to write the cover letter and an example of an office manager cover letter for your perusal.

office assistant cover letteroffice manager cover lettersample cover letters for job

Office Assistant Cover Letter Tips

office assistant cover letter
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  • Format your office assistant cover letter properly by primarily stating the job you are applying for and where you saw the job ads posted.
  • State why you are a perfect fit for the job by enumerating your experience and skills.
  • At the end of your letter thank the human resources administrator and convey your desire for an interview.
  • The manner and tone of your letter must be professional, concise and courteous.
  • Review your letter so you can revise any errors in grammar or spelling.
  • Fit all the above details in one page only.  More ideas for your inspiration about office manager cover letter.

Office Manager Cover Letter Example

Name of Human Resource Administrator
Address of Company or Organization

Dear Name of Human Resources Administrator,

I am interested to apply as Office Manager with your organization. I believe that I am both qualified and experienced enough to be an asset to your company.

My attached resume reflects my impeccable work history and skills, which includes my contractual stint with fortune 500 companies. I am a very organized individual with good management and communication skills that can add a boost to the company’s overall business welfare.

I would be grateful to be given the opportunity for an interview to further discuss the possibility of my employment. I can be reached at the email address or the phone numbers listed in my resume anytime.

Thank you.
Name of Applicant

office assistant cover letter online
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Always use sample cover letters for job applications as guides to writing your formal letters.

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