Research Assistant Cover Letter Example

research assistant cover letter

Recruiters want to know if you have talents and skills that exceed their expectations and needs that are why when you are writing your cover letter, you need to create a one of a kind letter. Here are tips to help you.

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Research Assistant Cover Letter Tips

research assistant cover letter example

  • Makes notes on what employers are looking for and create a draft, to begin with. List the abilities and the skills needed
  • Provide a quality paper for the employer
  • Ensure that your explain completely your involvement in joint or group projects
  • Provide examples that demonstrate your abilities
  • Check your cover letter for grammar and spelling mistakes

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I want to apply for the advertisement of research assistant which is vacant in your company. Mr. Smith is the one that told me about the job opening. He believes that given my skills, enthusiasm and education, I can contribute significantly and positively in your company. I am attaching my resume together with my cover letter.

After graduating, I joined a non profitable organization that has commitment to marine life. During the past three years, I established myself as a meticulous and diligent researcher that is keen for detail.

My job includes:

  • Performing study scheduling
  • Perform and coordinate various functions related to research project
  • Monitor cell interactions
  • Perform recombinant DNA work
  • Prepare blood sampling, cell cultures and tissues for testing
  • Analyze research data
  • Record result of experiment
  • Tabulate research data
  • Maintain and develop research database
  • Prepare research presentations

In addition, I have great written and spoken communication skills. I am also proficient in MS office, statistical software and other programs. I can work in a team or alone and can easily correlate data and complete research.

I am interested in joining your company and I am confident that the time you read my resume, you will give me the opportunity to have personal interview in discussing my candidacy further.

research assistant cover letter
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