Sample Internship Cover Letter

An internship cover letter will be submitted together with your resume. In writing it, you need to express your enthusiasm in applying and to mention about your personal qualifications that are not included in your resume. Keep in mind that the cover letter is your first impression so make sure to write a high quality letter.

Cover Letter for Internships Tips in Writing

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It is not easy to write the cover letters for internships because you need to tailor it. You need to make it personal for it to be appealing. To know more information, here are fundamental tips that will help you in writing.

  • The cover letter must state the purpose
  • Tell how you learned about the position
  • You should state why you are perfect candidate for the job
  • Inspire the employer by looking at your resume
  • Express your desire for the position

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The cover letter must not be the same with the resume that is why you should not repeat information that appears in your resume. It is your opportunity to tell why you are the best and why should employer hires you.

Sample Internship Cover Letter

Your name
Your address
Your city, state and zip code

Hiring Person’s Name
Company’s Name
Company’s address
City, state, zip code

Dear Mr. Name of Hiring Person:

Over the years, I admired your policies on environmental. I like to apply for the offered internship in the major field of environment. My brother said that there is an open position available for internship. He also participated from it one year ago.

I am fourth year at state the name of the school, with major in the environmental public policy. I have:

  • Particular interested in arts
  • Participated in decision for environmental policy

Your institution is considered as 1 of the best enterprises in state for environment responsibility and sustainability. It is my honour to become part of the program because it helps me to enhance my qualifications for environmental policy. Also, I believe that your company will help me a lot.

I enclosed my resume and I hope that it shows that I’m qualified for the internship. I will get in touch with you next week for follow up and I welcome the opportunity for having personal interview.

Thank you so much for the time and consideration. You can contact me at 555-5555.

Your signature
Your name printed
Enclosure: Resume

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